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Country-Western Dance Parties
Colorado Ballroom
Line Dance Parties
DanceMasters Custom Dance Parties

Country-Western Dance Parties

"I really appreciate you both, and the clean, alcohol-free, smoke-free, family-friendly atmosphere at your dances! I love to come!"

"I just LOVE the dancing and the friendliness you provide everyone. Thank you for always trying to make sure everyone has a partner. My daughter came with me last night and LOVED it ... not only for the fun but the good exercise! Thanks so much for the great evening you provide."

"You two are just lovely people! When I return from my vacation, I'll come back to your wonderful classes and bring more friends and family!"

"Love the way you both teach!"

"Dear Kit and Ron: as I reflect on the past several years of Saturday nights at the Carriage Stop, I realize what a tremendous job you two have done. Thanks to you, many have enjoyed a wholesome evening of recreation complete with refreshments and met other like-minded members of the community. Therefore, I want to express my heartfelt thanks on behalf of the many who have participated in these joyful country-western evenings. With regard to last evening, it occurred to me how you have matured in your planning in order to accommodate both the beginner and the intermediate dancers. I appreciate the variety you incorporate into each of those evenings, as well as your commitment to wholesome dancing."

"I really enjoy the fun informal atmosphere you all promote. Like the treats, too!"

"You provide such a wonderful opportunity for people to get out and have fun. I really admire you, Kit, for being able to quickly run around and help couples "get it together." Hats off! And thank you. I'll be back - it was really great exercise."

"Our heartfelt thanks for your wonderful weekly dance program!"

"I appreciate you and Ron teaching us so many dances. It is always a blast and really entertaining for a great price. So thanks for all the work you put into having the lessons prepared and having snacks ready. It is so much FUN!!!!!!! and you both do a great job!!!!!!"

"Just a quick note to let you know how much fun I had last night. The addition of the Halloween music was creative and much fun. I know my friends enjoyed it immensely as well. I enjoyed your treats and still lost a pound - the benefits of dancing lessons!"

"Notice I finally got my husband to come to your dances. Guess he was tired of staying home waiting for me and me telling him how easy it is because you two explain and really care about the people. You two do a great job and give a fun evening for all. Thanks."

"Thanks for the nice dance last Saturday! You had a full house. I am drumming up even more business for you. I told my kids that for my New Year's birthday party, the ONLY gift I want from them is for all of them to come to your next Country-Western Dance Party with us. So they took my wishes and they are going to at the next one! Also our friends Barbara and Charlie. Then Barbara was at the gym working out last week and she told more friends how awesome your dances are, and they may also come! Good job!"

"Last time I brought 4 couples to your dance and they loved it. Three for sure want to return as regulars. My son-in-law LOVES the way you teach! He plays drums and he says you teach in beats and phrases so people can learn the dances easily.
I dance 2-step around the house while doing housework with good old music on. I just grabbed Walt for a waltz and he did GREAT! He's getting better and better at dancing every time we go to dance with you two!"

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Colorado Ballroom

"My husband is looking forward to every Saturday night, dancing. Thank you sooooo much for providing a place where we can learn to dance and have fun together. It has been a dream come true for me. We have discovered that dancing is also a relationship-building exercise. He is having to take control and I am having to be trusting. It's awesome! Thank you, again!"

"What I appreciate about your dance sessions is the non-drinking, non-smoking, "family" atmosphere which has one learning in a relaxed atmosphere. On both occasions I attended, I was nervous about going alone, but going home I felt so satisfied and refreshed and happy with myself for having done so."

"Thanks, Kit, for another evening of fun! You lucky lady you, having a man who loves to dance (he's lucky, too). You both glide across the dance floor so eloquently!"

"Thanks again, Ron & Kit. We had an exceptionally good time last evening. Looking forward to next time!"

"You guys are awesome! Thank you!"

"Steve & I just got back from a cruise to Mexico. We had a great time. We learned more about the Mambo, Salsa, and a few more line dances. The exciting part was when Steve would start dancing with me in the elevator or on the catamaran when no one else was dancing! I think he has found his romantic bone through dance. Thank you so much for being there for us. We are now in the process of moving to California, so we won't be back to dance with you again, but I wanted to let you know how much you guys mean to us. Steve loves dancing now!"

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Line Dance Parties

"What is the Country-Western dance like? We've only been there for your last line dancing and had soooooooo much fun! I wish you did line dancing more often. Thanks."

"My friends have been coming to your line dance parties and telling me how much fun they were.  FINALLY I joined them and am so glad I did!  I had a wonderful time!  So much fun!  Can't wait for the next one!"

"Can't you have those line dance parties more often?  They're so much fun!"

"Kit, you're such a good teacher!"    

"The Line Dance Party was great!  You did a wonderful job with the teaching and everyone seemed to be having a good time.  It was a good crowd.  I really enjoyed it!"    

"Kit, I just wanted you to know that my daughter and I LOVE everything about the country line dancing!  It is a wonderful activity for the two of us to do together in an environment that I feel 100% safe to have her in!  Thank you for always providing a FUN time!"

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DanceMasters Custom Dance Parties

"Thank you so much! You made our wedding party just what I wanted! Everyone was talking about how great the dances were and how much fun they had dancing. Everyone had an ear-to-ear smile. It makes me want to take dance lessons!"
Amy and Andrew

"We had a lot of fun! You are really professionals!"
Lori -- C.S. Christian Church

"Thank you for a great evening! Because of you our party was a success. Let's do it again!"
Kama -- Colorado Springs Mission

"Thank you, Ron and Kit, for the great job you did for Steve's 60th! It's the first time I've ever given a party and actually got to enjoy it!! You made our evening very special. EVERYONE raved about what a good time they had.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! You are the best!"
Steve and Penny

"Thank you so very much for "calling" at our block party! We had so much fun, and I tell you, I was tired! Thanks again and believe me -- we're passing the word around about the fun you provided!"

"The event was a great success! Thank you so much and hope to work with you in the future!!"
Mana, Event Coordinator -- General Mills Corp.

"I was just talking to a gentleman from our church who is attempting to organize a dancing fellowship team based on the fantastic time we had dancing with you two. Everyone had truly such a good night when we were there that they are taking this to a new level. I will have to keep you informed on how it goes and how we can incorporate you guys in there. That is obviously the critical point! Thanks again for all you do and we will be in contact!!"
Mark Calvert -- Holy Cross Lutheran Church

"Ron and Kit: Thanks again for making my wife's birthday party run so smoothly. It was great!"

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